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At Keep Australia Fishing...

  • We love fishing and want to fight for your fishing rights.
  • We want recreational fishing to continue for all aussies and their families.
  • We work to stop governments locking you out of your iconic fishing areas.
  • We advocate for the formation of Recreational Fishing Reserves and Havens to safeguard our fishing future.
  • We are a grass-roots organisation of recreational fishers, not funded by governments. We rely on your support to protect your recreational fishing rights.

We Need Your Help! Take Action Now!



This election our fishing rights are under threat from supertrawlers and marine park lock outs.

Send your message to Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten now using the form below.

We want answers! – Will they protect our fishing future? – Tell them you will be voting on their answers.

Dear Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten

I Fish and I Vote

I am one of Australia's 5 million recreational fishers. I am concerned about the threat of supertrawlers and marine park lock outs to the future of Australia’s favourite pastime.

This election I want to know two things:

  1. Will you stop supertrawlers fishing our waterways?
  2. Will you stop marine park lock outs of recreational fishing?

I love my fishing and want my family and future generations to be able to enjoy this great Aussie pastime.

In fact I'll be voting on it.

Yours Sincerely

Past Campaigns

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Send a Message to the Minister - Recreational Fishing Conservationists Oppose Marine Park Lockouts

Right now, there’s a handful of lobbyists walking around Parliament House in Canberra, making our Government nervous about saving our national marine environment- and they could do serious damage. They’re claiming recreational fishers, like you and me harm our marine environment and should be locked out of our unique estuaries, seas and oceans. But that’s simply not true. READ MORE


Queensland Net Free Areas - Promised Net Free Zones are Under Threat!

Qld Liberals Nationals Dissallowance Motion threatens Net Free Zones. The proposed net free zones in Qld are under threat from the Liberal- Nationals who have lodged a disallowance motion against the legislation that will make the net free zones law! READ MORE


Moreton Bay - World Class Recreational Fishing Haven

New Labor Government commits to commercial netting buyouts. The Palaszczuk Government has committed to establishing net free fishing zones in north and central Queensland and Moreton Bay could be next. READ MORE


Send a message to Peter Hendy and the Government – Put local coastal communities before foreign owned factory freezer vessels

Peter Hendy member for Eden - Monaro – can stop the Geelong Star from fishing our recreational fishing spots and potentially impacting on our local coastal communities.

We want Peter Hendy to put the interests of Australia’s local coastal communities before the interests of a foreign owned factory freezer vessel and say no to the Geelong Star fishing the NSW south coast and other coastal communities around Australia! READ MORE


NSW - World Class Recreational Fishing Havens

Sydney Harbour and the Hawkesbury River are under threat and so is your fishing future. Too many commercial nets and marine park lockouts threaten these areas. Take action to create world class recreational fishing havens in these areas and keep enjoying these unique locations into the future. READ MORE 


Port Phillip Bay - World Class Recreational Fishing Haven

Thanks to your help with the campaign, newly elected Labour government commits $20 million to removing commercial netting in Port Phillip Bay. For an update on what is happening now, READ MORE

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