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Dear Director of National Parks (Cc Minister Frydenburg, my federal MP)

I am one of Australia’s 5 million recreational fishers. Like most recreational fishers, I am a conservationist. I want clean, healthy seas so my generation and future generations of Australians can continue to enjoy our greatest lifestyle/leisure/sporting activity, recreational fishing.

I support the recent Marine Park plans released by the Director of National Parks as they are a significant improvement on previous plans that have been presented for Australia’s marine park system. Though some improvements could be made, I believe on the whole the plans provide an appropriate balance between marine protection and the use of the marine estate by stakeholders, including recreational fishers. I also note that the plans result in a significant increase in marine protection in comparison with the current level of marine protection.

I am of the belief that recreational fishers should not be locked out of vast areas of our seas unless there is a valid and justified scientific reason to do so. I understand that this plan does provide justifiable scientific reasons why recreational fishing is not allowed in the national park zones (IUCN II). I also understand that this justification is based on the extensive scientific research and consultation process by this Government to get to this current version of the Marine Park plan.

I would not support the access for recreational fishing being reduced in any way in any future refinement of this plan as I consider there is no justifiable scientific reason to do so.

I also note from public statements by the Director of National Parks that she is willing to consider possible access to some of these zones to assist in the gathering of scientific information on whether recreational activities such as tourism, diving and recreational fishing affect these zones.

I fully support this approach and would urge the Government to adopt this approach as part of its future strategy for managing the marine park system of Australia.

I would like to impress on the Director of National Parks that this submission is of equal importance as others made in any other format on this issue. This online form of submission has just made it easier for me to express my views to you on this important issue.