The federal Government has recently released its marine park plans for public comment.  Though the plans are not perfect, they are a significant improvement on the previous plans. They provide a high level of protection for our unique marine environment while maintaining access to most of our iconic recreational fisheries.

However, the powerful anti-recreational fishing lobby has mobilised its forces and is actively campaigning to get the Government’s plan voted down. If this happens, Aussie fishos will most likely end up locked out of over 1.3 million square kilometres of our own seas – including most of the best fishing spots.

The motives of the anti-fishing groups are based fairly and squarely on getting more lock-outs. That’s all they care about. They spent huge amounts of money pushing for lock-outs and now they want a return on their investment. But the fact is that locking you and me out of our fishing spots won’t result in better marine protection. Lock-outs won’t fix the real threats to our marine environment, like climate change, coral bleaching and coastal run-off.

The sad fact of the matter is that anti-fishing groups are locked into lock-outs. They won’t accept anything else, which is why they’re now putting enormous pressure on the Government to give them what they want.

We need you help to stop this happening. By sending the letter below to Environment Minister Josh Frydenburg, National Parks Director Sally Barnes and your local member, you are helping protect our fishing future in Australia and also ensuring we have a well protected and managed marine parks system