When summer comes, it is time have fun, and there’s nothing better than packing your 4X4 with gear and heading off to the beautiful remote places in Australia for a couple of days or week. It could be just a few days from hustles and bustles of city life, but that’s all you need to reconnect with the exotic glamour of nature.

However, to have a successful 4WD summer camping, you need to get a few things rights. Most important is have the right camping gadgets and favourite gear packed in the car. Although there are many gadgets you can carry along, there are those that you can’t miss if you want a successful trip. These are gadgets that make you 4WD summer camping safe, convenient, and exciting.  If omitted, things can be really difficult for you out there. So if you are planning to camp in the bush this summer, we have rounded up.

With these 5 gadgets, your 4WD camping trip this summer success is a guarantee:

#1 – ARB Freezer-fridge

freezer for campingThe first must have 4WD camping gadget is a freezer- fridge. Well, summer in Australia can become extremely hot and could make it difficult to keep your food fresh and your coldies cold. That’s why a cooling gadget. Even for a short 4WD camping trip is crucial.

ARB freezer-fridges are among the most recommended brands for 4WD summer camping 2019 due to their reliability. Unlike Eskys, these fridge-freezers will keep your coldies, cold and your food fresh for longer. There are various sizes of ARB fridge-freezers 4WD camp trip you can select from. For the family of three to five, a 60L size would be ideal. For solo explorers or two, a 35L fridge-freezer would be a perfect choice.

#2 – Led Lenser SEO 7R Heat Torch

led lenserA head torch is among the must have 4WD summer camping gadgets. You will need light in the bush once the dark sets in. Whether it is for cooking, fixing car’s mechanical problems, looking for missing gear or any other activity that require light, then you need a good head torch that provides adequate light.

That is why SEO 7R head torch models from Led Lenser Company are highly recommended for 4WD camping trips. With an output of more than 220 lumens and run-time of 5-25 hours, these headlamps are ideal for camping expeditions. These 4WD camping gadgets are also rechargeable and can use AAA battery making them perfect for a longer 4WD summer camping.

#3 – GME TX3350 Mobile Radio

There is something about camping in the remotest parts of Australia that makes it not only cool but exciting – we all love getting off-grid and spend time alone, don’t we? But with poor cellphone signal, you can easily get lost. That is why a mobile radio is one of the must have 4WD camping gadgets.

gme mobile radio

GME is one of the most recommended brands. The company has various models, but TX3350 being among the most popular with 4WD camping enthusiasts. GME TX3350 is an 80 channel radio that comes with an LCD speaker microphone. It is a perfect gadget to ask for help when stuck and offer help to those in distress.

#4 – Water Purifier- Steripen Pure+

water purifierWhether it’s a weekend away, water is an essential commodity for any 4WD summer camping. Most of us carry clean water from home, but you never know if it will be enough for the trip. That is why a water purifier is among the must have 4WD camping gadgets carry along.

There are many brands that you can find in Australia, but Steripen Pure+ is one of the most recommended. Steripen Pure+ claims to destroy 99.9 percent of bacteria, protozoa, and viruses in water. The gadget quickly purifies 0.5L of water in just 48 seconds. Pure+ is rechargeable using its USB ports.

#5 – A Camping Stove

No 4WD camping trip packing is complete without including cooking appliances. For such trips in the bush, cooking in the bush is not just a necessity but an exciting experience. That’s why a camping stove is among the must have 4WD camping gadgets that you must pack for your 4WD summer camping 2019 expedition.

Gasmate 3 burner camping stove is among the best brands in Australia. With its three burners that can three pots at different simmer levels make perfect for a quick meal in the bush. Its three windshields are purposely designed to reduce heat loss to wind making it ideal for outdoor cooking.

These are 5 must have gadgets for your 4WD this summer you need to pack in your 4×4 for a safe and stress-free camping trip experience. There are many alternative brands out there, but the ones we’ve mentioned have been tested more than twice, and all 4WD are excited about the experience. Make sure each of the five gadgets is packed before leaving.