Who are Keep Australia Fishing?

Keep Australia Fishing is a group of recreational fishing enthusiasts who are concerned that the future of recreational fishing rights in Australia is under threat from a range of sources. The organisation does not rely on Government funds. It was established from the support of the recreational fishing community, including from recreational fishers, state and national recreational fishing organisations and Australia’s fishing trade wholesalers and retailers.

Our Vision:

Sustainable recreational fishing for all Australians for the future.

Our Mission:

To engage with Australia’s recreational fishing community, to protect, promote and develop the opportunities of recreational fishing.

Our Objectives:

To keep Australia fishing by:

  • Protecting your fishing rights
  • Preserving our iconic fishing places and fish habitat
  • Promoting fishing for children and families
  • Promoting sustainable fishing practices
  • Educating the community about the benifits of recreational fishing

Your support can help Keep Australia Fishing by making sure the VOICE of Australia’s recreational fishing community is heard in the right way and in the right places.